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    12 replies to "Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen to music // Evelyn Glennie montre comment écouter"

    • sybille


    • Markus Mala

      Just a wonderful teaching, for those who listen, love to listen, thinks they know how to listen. Do you know ?

    • Michael

      Thank you.

    • Anne Beer

      Merci beaucoup. Cette musicienne ouvre des fenêtres et des portes qui font comprendre la vie autrement.

    • Mark Bennett

      This Lady is the real deal …… multi talented.
      !st Class ….. eye opening.

    • Johnny Paulick

      Har givet mig noget at tænke dybere over.. :-)

    • BOISSAYE Daniel

      Merci Madame pour cet extraordinaire et magnifique cadeau.

    • jerome


    • Jean-Pierre

      Simplement Magnifique!

    • Marcel Cuvelier

      I was really touched and had tears coming up when you talked about yhe sound of the snow and realised that people (myself included) tried to produce the « absence » of sound anyway by clapping and « following »…

      Thanks for this experience!

    • Christine Leeming

      This is so different an experience, up to a certain point I find it troubling in a way, and at the same time exhilarating. Thank you for this new insight on music, on sound overall.

    • Alain SOTTAS

      Merci de ces beaux et bons moments et du plaisir qu’ils nous donnent.

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