Today I’d like to share a new video that I’ve created for you.

Have you been in a situation where you work on a piece of music that you love dearly but there is just this one place where you can’t get hang of it?

It could be a passage, a rhythm, a harmony, sometimes even a single note. And no matter how many times you’ve tried, how scrupulously you’ve studied that particular bar, you keep playing or singing it wrong.

It is pretty common for all musicians whether they’d be beginners or professionals and even grand masters find themselves there sometimes.

Is there a way out?

As a matter of fact there is and a pretty simple one.

You will find the solution to this particular difficulty in the new video:


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    • Oras

      My son (age 11) want to take a lesion in piano. We live in Newcastle (NE4 8TQ). I am wondering if there is a class or a teacher can help with this. if so, can I know the cost please?



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